These are my personal tips -based on experience and research- for a great experience in Delft! This resulted in a good list of tips! You can click on the bold text to get to the Google Maps location of the establishment.

Enjoy your time in Delft!

Food / Restaurants
Dutch Snacks & Sweets
(Food) Markets


Stadsherberg De Mol
Travel back in time to the Middle Ages at this Inn, which was built in 1563. Great atmosphere and themed food from that era. Knives and forks were not invented back then, so you use your hands. Often a minstrel or other entertainment will be present. Visit website

Visbanken (Fish Banks)
If you enjoy good quality fish, this is the place to go. For the daring among you (and all Japanese visitors): try the fresh herring with a bit of onions, it has a beautiful and soft taste.


City Bakery ‘De Diamanten Ring’ (The Diamond Ring)
This bakery is well worth a visit. The specialties from Delft are great and do try the ‘Scheve Jantjes’ (Crooked Johnnies, a type of cookie). Visit website

Slagerij Leo van Vliet
This delicatessen shop sells freshly made rolls with all sort of toppings. All the students in Delft know this, so go there before 12 or after 13 ‘o clock. Visit website


De Markt (The Market)
For ages, the market of Delft has been a centre for commerce, connecting the city to the surrounding farmlands. The market is held on Thursday, right in the centre of the city. Head towards the ‘Brabantse Turfmarkt’, to find a flower market.


As Delft is a city of students, the number of bars, terraces and pubs is almost infinite. Most are to be found in the –relatively small- historical centre.

De Oude Jan
The Old John is a very nice bar, where live music is played. Visit website

De Beestenmarkt
Have a look around the ‘Beestenmarkt’ (the former animal market) for a good choice of bars and restaurants.

De Wijnhaven
Located at the former wine harbor. Lovely terraces and a nice atmosphere.


The Game
Good quality for your money. You may try ‘Gruis’, which is as strong as the tops, but a lot cheaper.


The historical centre of Delft is absolutely full of small specialised and interesting shops. Take your time to explore, and use the canals (as they run north/south) as your reference points.

Drugstore Papillon
A nice old-fashioned drugstore. Buy holistic herbs, teas, classical Dutch sweets and much more… Visit website

Winkeltje Kouwenhoven
Nostalgic old style Dutch shop. It’s hidden in a small corner near the Prinsenhof museum on the Agathaplein (Agatha square). Visit website


Royal Delft
Delft has a long history of making china. It started as a copy of Chinese earthenware, to became masters of the renown Delft’s Blue pottery. Nowadays, China copies Delft’s Blue. Visit website

Vermeer Museum
One of the great painters of the Dutch Golden Age, is Johannes Vermeer. He lived and worked in Delft. This museum is dedicated to his work and gives a good insight into that era, despite the fact that no originals of his work are to be found here. Visit website


Delftse Hout
This tranquil park boasts an interesting collection of trees from all over the world, found in the Arboretum. Visit website

Botanical Garden
The botanical garden is connected to the Delft university. It is small, but precious for its noteworthy collection of plants. Visit website