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Explore the charming city of Delft with a Walking Tour! You’ll discover the city’s canals, picturesque corners, and unique streets. Delft is a compact city, and the beautiful city center is virtually free of cars, making it perfect for walking.

During the 2-hour tour, you’ll learn about the historic relevance of Holland’s most charming town, visit the birthplace of painter Johannes Vermeer, admire the quintessential Delft Blue Pottery, and discover its connection to the Royal Family.

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During this 2 hour tour we cover

Delfs Blue Free tour

Delfts Blue Pottery

Delfts blue Pottery is world-famous and dates back from the golden age of Holland, discover the story behind this Dutch pottery
vermeer Delft Tour

Johannes Vermeer

Discover the story of  The Girl with the pearl earring and the milkmaid. Does are some of the paintings from Vermeer  The world-class painter Delft is proud of!
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Life in Delft

Our Dutch guide will show you around the city center of Delft. How is life here in town? What are the best places for diner or a beer? 
william Delft Free walking tour

William of Orange

The Dutch father of the fatherland, William Orange is also known as the leader of the successful Dutch Revolt against Spain, which led to the Royal family from Orange of Nassau and the Dutch Republic

The famous Dutch historian and writer Greet Mak called Delft a ‘lining viewing box, full of canals and picturesque corners’. The perfect description for one of Holland’s most delightful places, with beautiful bitty bridges and quirky quays, built on an intrinsic water network.

Delft is about as old as Amsterdam and rose to become one of the bigger cities of Holland in the 14th century. Being the biggest beer brewer back in the day, its liquid golden history is still honored today by its numerous small breweries.

The city centre of Delft is quaint and easy to explore, with its old city walls containing much of its original allure. Its limited accessibility for cars makes Delft perfect for a Free Walking Tour. Give us 2 hours of your time and we will give the highlights of this wonderful city and its hidden gems and hotspots.

Delft boasts a rich history, rooted in the murder of William the Silent, the father of our fatherland. It is the birthplace of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, who invented the microscope and the origin of the iconic Delfts Blue pottery, a factory that has retained its original charm from 1653.  

Next to this Delft has a rich history, the murder of William the silent, the father of our fatherland. The story of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek who invented the Microscope, Delfts blue pottery, a factory that is still original since 1653, and a lot more. 

This is not just a history tour, our local Dutch guides will also tell you about life in Delft today. The Technical University of Delft has one of the largest campuses in the world, which is why this student city is chock full of bars and restaurants that cater to every budget.

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